Saturday, July 30, 2011

An Idea...

I have lots of ideas. Most of them never become reality.

SO I have this new idea, that if I actually follow through, will take a few years to complete.

I am embarking on my first photo essay:

Town Carnivals and Festivals: A Slice of Americana

I will be documenting the phenomenon of the town carnival that comes to your home town, sets up shop for a week and then moves out. Some carnivals are to celebrate town pride, others are for fundraising for non-profit organization. But the more I thought about it the more I realized, that these sort of things don't really happen anywhere else.  Some of my childhood memories revolve around buying zeppoles at the fair, walking around and seeing the sights.

There will be three main parts to the essay: the people attending the carnival, the rides and carnival itself and those that work there.

I realize that this will take time, that its is a body of work, and that it may be years from now that it is finished. Then hopefully a book, even if it is just mine that I made on Blurb or Mpix.

Let me know what you thing!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Another Gallery!

Here is the link to the gallery in Minneapolis where my work is currently being displayed!

I unfortunately will not be able to expand upon my night photography that much this summer. Which is a bitter disappointment I must admit. I have to take the MTELs and it has pretty much consumed my life and my pocketbook. But once that is all over I will be able to dive right back into my work!

In the meantime I am starting a project, not sure what the title is yet, but is all Americana...The traveling carnival/fair! Not circuses, but you know the carnival rides, the game booths and the food vendors that come to small towns across America. I originally thought of it when I shot Coney Island a few years ago, and then had tried to do night shots at local fairs. But I didn't know then, what I know now, how to shoot at night, how to paint with light.

So if you have any great ideas on what I should actually call this project let me know!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Coming soon to a gallery in Minneapolis?!

So, hopefully I haven't screwed this up (because I missed the deadline for paper work) but I will have two of my photographs in an a group exhibit out in Minneapolis!

Its very exciting, but with some added stress with work lately, completing the paper work completely slipped my mind.

But here is the exciting details!
I placed in the Mpls Photo Center's Juried photo competition; "Early Morning, After Dark" with 2 honorable mentions! I and only 1 other person from Massachusetts placed, and we both took the same class "Night Photography" at the New England School of Photography, although her images were shot outside of class and are just simply gorgeous as well.

The juror, Peter Howe, was former editor of the New York Times Magazine, and director of LIFE Magazine.

Below is the link, Scroll down until you get to Ronayne and viola! You can see my work!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Pendants!

So I have been, in my spare time, been working diligently on creating my pendants.
I will post some pics, but I am quite pleased. I have not yet mastered getting rid of every single air bubble for the wood/resin pendants and am doing ok with removing the air bubbles from the glass... it IS harder than it looks!

I have purchased an embossing heat gun that is supposed to rid me of the air bubbles for the resin pendants. Hopefully I do not scorch the resin, as I did with the matches (no worries they are not for sale and in the trash).  For the glass you are just supposedly able to PUSH out the far I still have at least 1-2 stubborn bubbles that linger behind. OH well, practice makes perfect. I have been using machine cut glass tiles but there is a thin line that outlines the top of the pendant. I am splurge and purchase Annie Howe's hand cut glass. Its more pricey but much nicer to look at!

I am also using BOARDMAKER software to create some of my pendants. This software is used to make picture symbols for tech devices and for the Picture Communication Exchange Communication System (PECS). These PECS are used throughout the country by teachers, speech therapists and families with Autism. One reason why I chose these, is that from an artist's point of view, they are begging to be made into art! They are simple graphics that are universal. The second reason is because many times I have heard (as a teacher), you don't see people using PECS out in the real world. Well, now PECS can be worn, seen in the real world and communicate ideas or thoughts at the same time! Hopefully this is going to take off like I hope it will!

Take a look at some of my work...and let me know what you think!
Traditional Autism Awareness Ribbon
Glass Tile Pendant

Boardmaker Autism Ribbon Symbol
Wood Tile Pendant

Autism Awareness Pendant
Custom Graphic by ME :)
Wood Pendant
I Love My Daughter With Autism: Left Glass Pendant
Right Wood Pendant. Both graphics by me:)

Boardmaker Autism Ribbon and
"mother" symbol

Who Doesn't Like Ice Cream?
Boardmaker Symbol

Custom design by me:)
Glass Pendant

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Creativity: To create or not to create. That is the question.

The one problem with being a creative person, is that sometimes I want to make lots of different things. All at once. As a result of the onslaught of creativity, I do not know which project to tackle first! I have been on a scrapbooking kick ever since Katie and I went on our scrapbooking weekend in January.

Now those who do not scrap, do not mock! It was a fantastic weekend, and although my first 2 pages had much to be desired, once you get in the flow of cutting, pasting, arranging photos, it is so calming, relaxing and just enjoyable. Ask my sister, who was once one of those that mocked the art of scrapbooking, and hated the sight of a Michaels, and now L O V E S scrapbooking. I also made a scrapbook for Mike's birthday and just have the scrapbooking bug!

I also just got in a few supplies from Art Beads this week and am just itching to start some new jewelry! I ordered these funky Czech glass with a Picasso finish, that I turn into earrings, and have quickly sold out of at craft shows. I have a pair in three different colors myself. I also got into pearl knotting necklaces. This is incredibly time consuming and if I make a mistake, usually double knotting, I can't undo the knots and have to start over by cutting each pearl off of the silk string. So while I want to tackle the great freshwater pearls from Uncommon Beads, that little project is on pause.

I have already spent a few days designing my "Scrabble tiles" for my new project, Scrabble Tile pendants and Glass pendants. I have designed my own Autism Awareness graphics; the ribbon, a puzzle piece background with "Autism Awareness", I love my son/daughter with Autism, I love my Autistic son/daughter, puzzle pieces, and fun graphics (hearts, shamrocks, flowers). I will be ordering the supplies from Annie Howes this week. I cannot WAIT to get started. I think that these will be great. I am also going to make my own actual puzzle piece pendants as well (see previous post).

Finally my photography trigger finger is just itching to do SOMETHING. I wanted to take a few classes at the New England School of Photography (NESOP) but decided against it this winter. I really wanted to take the Advanced Night Photography class, since I completely fell in love it over the summer, but decided against it with the new school/job. But in the spring I will taking a class, probably the Archetecture class and Urban Landscapes. So for now, the photography craving will be put aside.

So here is hoping that I can create in the next few days, without life getting in the way.

Peace, Love and Recycle!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

A "New" Idea? Puzzles, Scrabble Tiles and Rorschach.

My sister says I have irregular logic. Or was it irrational logic? She is a psychologist, and when she was getting her master's in forensic psych, she used me as one of her subjects. I took the Roschach tests. The below one, I thought was a dancing gnome. More specifically, a Russian dancing gnome because of the red hat and I just thought most gnomes must come from Russia.


Apparently having irregular logic is found among two main types of people: artists and those who are psychotic. Katie was the only one in her class to get these results, and her professor was a bit concerned as to where or whom she got the results from. Also the picture to the left is supposed to bring about feelings of violence, intense sexuality and blood (according to wikipedia). I didn't see any of that, but now that I said "dancing Russian gnomes" I am sure that   
                                                      you agree with me.

So what does this have to do with my new idea? Well my irregular logic brought me to my new idea (Scrabble Tile Pendants), which really isn't new but its new to me. FIRST I got an email from When I read it I saw something about RESIN. I clicked on it and saw that you can use said resin to make your own pendants. THEN I thought of the Scrabble pendants which are really popular right now. Then I did a google search and found a great dealer, Annie Howes, who sells Scrabble Tile and Glass tile kits. THEN I thought of combining my photography and scrapbooking (I have an obscenely large amount of paper) into my jewelry making. AND FINALLY this brought me to my NEW NEW IDEA (which my lrregular Logic just made me think of as I was typing), to make Puzzle Piece Pendants. 

OK. You see, when I got into going to craft fairs I had a nice booth, with a tent and a sign that read "Puzzle Piece Jewelry".  Some people would stop by my booth they ask me " I thought "Puzzle Piece Jewelry" mean you sold jewelry made of puzzle pieces." I named my little jewelry biz in honor of those lives that have been affected by Autism.  Not actual puzzles.  My mom even suggested, after about 10 people asked where were the puzzles, to make jewelry out of puzzle pieces. But I didn't know how. But thanks to my Irregular Logic, I do now!

I think I can make puzzle piece pendants the same way as the Scrabble Tile pendants, with glue and resin! I can make a pendant from a puzzle with the Autism Awareness puzzle piece pattern, on a puzzle, with a name on it. AND other images too such as a dolphin, or put words on them and then connect them (like "Mom", "Dad", "Sara" and turn it into a necklace or bracelet)!  I could make a puzzle pendant with ANYTHING on it! OK I am definitely going to do this!

So in the end, I guess that having Irregular Logic, for me, is a good thing. Thank god I am not a psychopath. I am just an Suburban Artist.