Saturday, July 27, 2013

...."Its so just so nice to be nominated"....

It really is true. It is NICE.

And a pleasant surprise. The other day, I was going through the mail and trying very hard to tear in half, what I thought was junk mail. So when the darn thing wouldn't rip, I decided to open it.

So glad I did.

The letter was from Photographer's Forum Magazine .  I was informed that out of 10,000 entries to their 33rd Annual Spring competition, I was one out of 1400 finalists. I was in the top 14%.

I was stunned. Shocked. Even more so when I saw it was the picture of my "Kissing Wolves" that got me in! It was taken several years ago, on a Rebel (The original digital rebel), a 5 megapixel camera, in the cold, the day after a blizzard. I didn't think the Lakota Wolf Preserve would even be open. But they were. And right after my fingers started to go numb, I had the honor of seeing these two Tundra Wolves kiss. It remains one of my favorite photos.

I gave one to my parents, to my principal and vice-principal at NB School when I left to move to VA, and it has been shown in a gallery in Wyoming, bought and sold there as well as in VA.

So all in all, do I expect to place? No, I do not. But it just goes to show you don't need the most expensive equipment out there to take pictures. To be a photographer you need a good eye, and patience. And hand-warmers in your pocket.

"Kissing Wolves" by Sara Mahler Ronayne

Friday, July 19, 2013


So apparently the printer needs a full charge, it was charging and plugged in the laptop, in order to work. The software is still touch and go. But at least I am no longer mad, but still a bit annoyed, and thankful I didn't pay full price and got it off of Ebay.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Waiting.... Polaroid Disappoints...and New Tripod?

Its been a while since I last posted.

We are waiting. Ever waiting to get "the call" from the adoption agency. I know, I know... It hasn't been that long. 8 months since we decided to go ahead and make the dream reality. 7 months since we signed up with the adoption agency. Almost 5 months after being "live" on the website.  So not that long. And as many people remind me, the wait will be long. So sit back and enjoy yourself. Hmm.....

So I spend my time looking at baby clothes online, youtube how to swaddle and go to work, eat out with Mike, visit friends and family.

Which leads me to my next bit.

Polaroid. Oh Polaroid how you disappointed me. I got, off of ebay, the GL10 portable printer that prints in the ZINK (zero ink). I knew ahead of time that it did not work with my iPhone. But the Polaroid website clearly stated that it would work with the MacBook Pro. You see, I want to print out pics when I go to Prague to visit PJ. Thought it would be fun. And nice to have when we have our baby to have prints right there to give to my parents. Friends. Family. Anyone who wants to look at our beautiful baby. Mike had gotten the Pocket Photo by LG which also does not work with iPhone. So anyway I downloaded the software. And guess what. The software says there is a "template error" and the computer does not work with the printer. I emailed Polaroid. Still waiting to hear back. So disappointed. See, I was trying to just enjoy.

On to going to Prague...its in a month and 1 week. I want to bring a tripod to do night photography. But not the huge one that I have that is large and heavy. And a panhead. And a Sunpak. So.... I found MeFoto. They have 3 travel tripods. I am looking at the Backpacker which is the least expensive and small and light. I got an email back from them within oh 3 hours, and they said yes the Backpacker will hold my Canon 60D. Right now, entering their giveaway contest on Instagram for a free one. If I don't win one by the 1st week in Aug (its a weekly give away) I will purchase one. In red or purple. Yes they come in colors. Yes that makes me ridiculously happy. Yes, the man on youtube who mockingly said women will love it because its got color, you are right but then I saw on other youtube videos men with red tripods. So men were happy too.

That is all for now.... I will just go on, enjoying each day, hug my dog, kiss my husband, chill with my friends, visit Prague. And wait. With all of my heart.