Saturday, February 5, 2011

Creativity: To create or not to create. That is the question.

The one problem with being a creative person, is that sometimes I want to make lots of different things. All at once. As a result of the onslaught of creativity, I do not know which project to tackle first! I have been on a scrapbooking kick ever since Katie and I went on our scrapbooking weekend in January.

Now those who do not scrap, do not mock! It was a fantastic weekend, and although my first 2 pages had much to be desired, once you get in the flow of cutting, pasting, arranging photos, it is so calming, relaxing and just enjoyable. Ask my sister, who was once one of those that mocked the art of scrapbooking, and hated the sight of a Michaels, and now L O V E S scrapbooking. I also made a scrapbook for Mike's birthday and just have the scrapbooking bug!

I also just got in a few supplies from Art Beads this week and am just itching to start some new jewelry! I ordered these funky Czech glass with a Picasso finish, that I turn into earrings, and have quickly sold out of at craft shows. I have a pair in three different colors myself. I also got into pearl knotting necklaces. This is incredibly time consuming and if I make a mistake, usually double knotting, I can't undo the knots and have to start over by cutting each pearl off of the silk string. So while I want to tackle the great freshwater pearls from Uncommon Beads, that little project is on pause.

I have already spent a few days designing my "Scrabble tiles" for my new project, Scrabble Tile pendants and Glass pendants. I have designed my own Autism Awareness graphics; the ribbon, a puzzle piece background with "Autism Awareness", I love my son/daughter with Autism, I love my Autistic son/daughter, puzzle pieces, and fun graphics (hearts, shamrocks, flowers). I will be ordering the supplies from Annie Howes this week. I cannot WAIT to get started. I think that these will be great. I am also going to make my own actual puzzle piece pendants as well (see previous post).

Finally my photography trigger finger is just itching to do SOMETHING. I wanted to take a few classes at the New England School of Photography (NESOP) but decided against it this winter. I really wanted to take the Advanced Night Photography class, since I completely fell in love it over the summer, but decided against it with the new school/job. But in the spring I will taking a class, probably the Archetecture class and Urban Landscapes. So for now, the photography craving will be put aside.

So here is hoping that I can create in the next few days, without life getting in the way.

Peace, Love and Recycle!