Thursday, October 29, 2009

Damn you Walgreeens!

I got the flu shot. My mother, as mothers can, surprised me a few weeks ago when I went home for a day. "Want to go to lunch?" said my mom with a smile.  Sure I am always up for food. Just one thing...a short stop at Walgreens. Two sugar free Werthers Original candies, a sticker and a joyous mother later, the flu shot was administered and the subterfuge of Chilis nachos was in front of me.

Flash forward two months. While moaning on Facebook and to anyone who would listen, that I did not want to go to work a curious thing happened. It started with repeated sneezing and watery eyes. Seemed like allergies, but I was out of tree mold heaven that was Northern Virginia...I haven't had an allergy episodes since the move above the Mason-Dixon Line.

I get to work and while the sneezing stopped watery eyes continued. Two Functional Behavior Analysises later (is that the right plural?) I had aches but no fever. But lots of aches. Dizziness but again no fever.

As one of the women, that allows me to share their space, begins to lecture me on the N1H1 Flu that IS going around our district, and the other woman whom I actually DO like begins to spray me, my desk and the door handles with Lysol, it hits me. Do they seriously begrudge the fact that I am in their room and NOT the fabled office I was told I had in my interview? OH maybe I have the flu. The flu? Maybe just a cold...

As the day wore on I get the feeling that I might have the flu. Or I have a cold with no stuffy nose, no coughing and no fever. A cold that consists of dizziness, a surprising lack of appetite, and aches. Aches like I climbed Mt. Monadnock at dawn. Like I would do THAT. So yesterday  I handed in my FBAs, the joys of my job, and went to CVS to get Nyquil. I realize as I pulled into my driveway with said Nyquil in hand... The fever hits me like a wall.

Damn YOU Walgreens!

I wasn't supposed to get the flu! But perhaps, the wretched Walgreens did me a favor.  No chills or other nastiness that occurs but will not mention. Just headaches, yes, a fever, and tons of body aches...Maybe Walgreens was not the enemy I thought...

The rest is a blur. Bed. Covers. Open window cause I like it like a campground when I sleep. And the Bailey Monster. Bailey is a champ. First, she always knows when one of us is sick and is just the best puppy ever. Second, I slept from 11:30am until 6:30am the next day. She did not bark at me to go outside or to be fed (but I did both this morning).  I do not even remember MIke coming home. So now, as I wait for Nyquil to take me back to the place called blissful unawareness of medically induced sleep, she lays beside me. Licking my face and protecting me from the maintenance men who are blowing leaves out side my window.

Good girl. Take care of mama.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Welcome to a Blog?!

Actually I cannot believe I started a blog. I have been following a few friends' blogs for a while now. But this morning, as I played hookie from school (aka work), I thought ... Why not?

Maybe because I just came back from Mike's 10 year college reunion, FPC! Maybe because I spent a half hour this morning reading my friends' blogs. Maybe because I joined a few forums/threads on ETSY, ARTFIRE and IMAGEKIND and they all wanted to know where my blog was. And maybe just another way to keep in touch with friends and family besides FACEBOOK.

Where the fugwas I?

Like in my blog summary thingy, the idea of the Fugarwi Tribe or the word fugarwi was not my idea.  Say it really fast, FUGARWI and I am sure you get the idea of what it means. The tribe was made of the bikers we rode with in Virginia. Which for one reason or another, has changed several times since I first took my first ride in September 2006 on the back of Mike's V-Star.

Many things have changed since then both the good and the bad. Yet through it all; births, deaths, marriages and moves, we still do our best to keep in touch.  While my family and friends from home were not part of the Fugawri Tribe, our wedding in April brought all of us (or most of us) together.  So now, the Fugarwi Tribe is completed by the joining of  the Trampaho Tribe (yes my mom came up with that name a few years back).

Hopefully I will update the blog and add pictures on a regular basis. We will see. I hope that you stop bye, leave messages and keep in touch!

To the Fugarwi!

              David, Margie, Mona and Anneie
                                        Mike's Bday 2007

Old Town. Memorial Day Weekend

            Kerri, Katie and Sara
              Teacher Pub Crawl 2008


    Christmas 2008

             Bridal Shower @ Work 2009