Sunday, May 15, 2011

Coming soon to a gallery in Minneapolis?!

So, hopefully I haven't screwed this up (because I missed the deadline for paper work) but I will have two of my photographs in an a group exhibit out in Minneapolis!

Its very exciting, but with some added stress with work lately, completing the paper work completely slipped my mind.

But here is the exciting details!
I placed in the Mpls Photo Center's Juried photo competition; "Early Morning, After Dark" with 2 honorable mentions! I and only 1 other person from Massachusetts placed, and we both took the same class "Night Photography" at the New England School of Photography, although her images were shot outside of class and are just simply gorgeous as well.

The juror, Peter Howe, was former editor of the New York Times Magazine, and director of LIFE Magazine.

Below is the link, Scroll down until you get to Ronayne and viola! You can see my work!