Friday, May 24, 2013

Getting back out there...

I have been shooting. Anything and everything. I recently bought the Fujifilm X20, a lovely little camera. I bought it specifically to catch all those precious moments that occur once our baby arrives... But it is so compact and powerful I carry it everywhere NOW. It is super cute, and its a fantastic camera. I usually don't use in-camera filters but this one has filters that mimics Fuji film, and I was a fan of Velvia so I use that one. A lot. The ISO is impressive, as well as the 2.5 lens. Its the fastest lens I own!

With my D60, I shot whales during a whale watch and got some fantastic pics. Heading out again over Memorial Day weekend, I think.  Also got some pics of Peoples State Park in CT, where my husband was fishing. My friend Christine, snapped a pic of me with TEMPLE GRANDIN, with the X20. I had the ISO set high so the flash would not bother Temple. It came out great.

Its good to be shooting on a regular basis, I know it (the photos) may not be "artsy", just the everyday. Its not avant garde and borderlines on kitsch, which I remember my college prof. telling me was the worse thing to be. But you know what? It makes me damn happy. And that is what art is supposed to do. Bring you pleasure, enjoyment and happiness. So while I (we) sit and wait for our baby to come, I will snap pictures of living life. And while I am at, be happy.

A view from the parking lot, with
the Velvia filter on. X20 camera

The lake across the street from us, in the parking lot
at Bickford's. X20.

Me, meeting Temple Grandin, and her book that she
signed. X20, ISO at 1000.

Along the river by the Ovation Guitar Company, CT.

Humpback whales, bubble net feeding.

Humpback fluke. 

Fishing along the river, Peoples State Forest, CT.

Mike and Kelly fishing.