Saturday, January 29, 2011

A "New" Idea? Puzzles, Scrabble Tiles and Rorschach.

My sister says I have irregular logic. Or was it irrational logic? She is a psychologist, and when she was getting her master's in forensic psych, she used me as one of her subjects. I took the Roschach tests. The below one, I thought was a dancing gnome. More specifically, a Russian dancing gnome because of the red hat and I just thought most gnomes must come from Russia.


Apparently having irregular logic is found among two main types of people: artists and those who are psychotic. Katie was the only one in her class to get these results, and her professor was a bit concerned as to where or whom she got the results from. Also the picture to the left is supposed to bring about feelings of violence, intense sexuality and blood (according to wikipedia). I didn't see any of that, but now that I said "dancing Russian gnomes" I am sure that   
                                                      you agree with me.

So what does this have to do with my new idea? Well my irregular logic brought me to my new idea (Scrabble Tile Pendants), which really isn't new but its new to me. FIRST I got an email from When I read it I saw something about RESIN. I clicked on it and saw that you can use said resin to make your own pendants. THEN I thought of the Scrabble pendants which are really popular right now. Then I did a google search and found a great dealer, Annie Howes, who sells Scrabble Tile and Glass tile kits. THEN I thought of combining my photography and scrapbooking (I have an obscenely large amount of paper) into my jewelry making. AND FINALLY this brought me to my NEW NEW IDEA (which my lrregular Logic just made me think of as I was typing), to make Puzzle Piece Pendants. 

OK. You see, when I got into going to craft fairs I had a nice booth, with a tent and a sign that read "Puzzle Piece Jewelry".  Some people would stop by my booth they ask me " I thought "Puzzle Piece Jewelry" mean you sold jewelry made of puzzle pieces." I named my little jewelry biz in honor of those lives that have been affected by Autism.  Not actual puzzles.  My mom even suggested, after about 10 people asked where were the puzzles, to make jewelry out of puzzle pieces. But I didn't know how. But thanks to my Irregular Logic, I do now!

I think I can make puzzle piece pendants the same way as the Scrabble Tile pendants, with glue and resin! I can make a pendant from a puzzle with the Autism Awareness puzzle piece pattern, on a puzzle, with a name on it. AND other images too such as a dolphin, or put words on them and then connect them (like "Mom", "Dad", "Sara" and turn it into a necklace or bracelet)!  I could make a puzzle pendant with ANYTHING on it! OK I am definitely going to do this!

So in the end, I guess that having Irregular Logic, for me, is a good thing. Thank god I am not a psychopath. I am just an Suburban Artist.