Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Suburban Artist has FINALLY Arrived!

One of the reasons I named this blog, "The Suburban Artist", was to change the negative connotation to this term. Traditionally suburban artists are not well respected, frowned upon even. I guess one of the reasons are that we are not in the cities. We aren't selling our wares on the corner of Central Park West or have big fancy studios. Many of us suburban artists do not create art on a full time basis. I think mainly the last reason is the biggest reason suburban artists do no command the same respect as our full time, city counterparts. For that reason, I have always looked down on my own art. I didn't go to art school. I did not use art as my profession (I started out as an art teacher and heard that age old saying many times "those who can't teach). I took classes and even broke into the wedding photography business.

Many people along the years have told me that I have an eye. Or a good sense of color. Or that I am a good photographer. But they were always family, friends, professors or instructors. Gaining respect from professional artists was very rare. I remember once in college one of the BFA students (Bachelor of FINE ARTS) said "Wow, you really paint well...for an art ed. major."
I was never quite sure if that was a compliment or not.

10 years later, after leaving college, I have finally shown to myself and to others in the art community that; Yes I am an artist. This summer I dedicated myself to my art. Both with my jewelry and photography. I sold several pieces of jewelry and am gearing up for a fair this coming weekend. But the biggest news is that in the past 4 weeks, I have received 3 accolades.

The first was getting my work into the CIAO Gallery's "Call of the Wild" show, in Jackson Wyoming. Then was receiving and Honorable Mention nod from the Women in Photography International for their FACES competition. Finally, my work is one of 50 to be chosen for a juried show called "After Dark" at the Vermont Photo Space. To know that my work, is being seen by others in a real gallery, not just my own walls, is immensely gratifying. It is one of the best things ever to happen to me, aside from meeting my husband, getting engaged and married :) 

So thank you to my friends and family who have always believed in me, even when I did not.