Saturday, January 12, 2013

Happy 2013

I am actually not sure how many people actually read this blog.
That said its no harm in posting anyway. Right? (I ask the fictional readers).

So all in all 2012 pretty much sucked a nut. It was bad. But it ended well, as I am able to sit here and type and am pretty healthy, considering I am 6 months into remission.

So 2012 in summary:
- Had large cyst, named "Mama Cass" because she was so big.
- Mama Cass was removed on February 2nd, and I went to the American Girls Store 2 weeks later with a friend and her daughter on pain pills. It was a fun time all around.
- On February 16th was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer, Stage 1C on February 16th 2012. Worst day of my life...Watching Big Bang for 4 hours straight made it bearable. And having my husband by my side.
- A plethora of cancer jokes (made by me) and hijinks ensue as parents arrive on February 17th.
- March 17 NYC for the weekend with friends, eating in Little Italy and seeing Newsies on Broadway. Wonderful weekend, took mind off of things. 
- Don't remember most of March-June. Spent most of it in bed, recovering from another surgery, chemo, adverse reaction to Taxol, high on Benadryl (copious amounts to reverse effect of said Taxol), feeling like I had the flu, fighting nausea, and missing my students.
- June 6, early birthday present of last chemo treatment.
- August trip to Mexico and scuba dive. Feeling normal again. The perks of having little hair is that it doesn't get stuck in the mask.
- September, back to work, back to teaching and back to life. Many people asking how I am...and some like my hair!
- December 2012 holiday time with husband and family. Fending off extended family members who did not seem to care that I had cancer and ask why I cut my hair. Fast forward to family vacay to Sanibel and time with my brother and cousin sippin' Moscato D'Asti on the beach at midnight.
- Best "present" of my life from my husband. More on this to come....Good thing I am cancer free!