Friday, February 7, 2014

The Suburban Artist

I have a new website. My time with Other People's Pixels was coming to an end in March. So I began to look around and found Virb. I liked their templates and it was easier to do than OPP. The price with a coupon was 5$ a month for 5 months then 10$ a month. And the choices were much, much better. Not many font choices but overall a much cleaner site.

I named this blog The Suburban Artist to really embrace what and who I am. I am now a mother. Does this mean I stop being a creative person? Taking photographs, even though these days mostly from an iPhone? Even if I am taking endless photos of my beautiful baby, does that make me less of an artist?
Some would say yes and that I am more mundane than ever. That being a SUBURBAN ARTIST is bad, not truly an artist.

But as I look at my most recent photo that I took today, yes with my iphone, I think not. I think being a Suburban Artist is amazing. And I will continue to be one and be proud that I am a Suburban Artist.