Tuesday, November 24, 2009

New Job!

I am very excited to say...I HAVE A NEW JOB!
I will start in January 2010. Its a pre-school Autism class in the A.M. and an intergrated pre-school in the afternoon. Its just a really nice set up. And I am just really excited to be in the classroom again.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Big Day

So it is 9:23pm. I thought I had an ear infection and felt like crapola. Turns out just a cold with fluid in my ears. I thought I felt slushy.

Anyway. Tomorrow two big things: A visit to the Department of Education to try to get my licensing all done. Long story short my old job hasn't sent the referral letter  yet.  BUT I was not aware they needed it until this month. Then onto my interview with Watertown to see if I can get a new job. Its much further away but I have the possibility of being happy again.

I know that in these hard economic times, I am very lucky to have a job. Its been pointed out that not everyone likes their job. Thats why it it is called work. BUT until now, even though I had bad days and had an assistant from hell that made me have breakdowns, and marathon IEPS with very angry parents that thought I could cure Autism, I always always loved my job when it came down to it.  Not so much right now. So for my own sanity, and Mike's who has to listen to my misery, I searched for a new job, that seems like the ideal position. It will be in a pre-school Autism class; in the AM a self-contained setting and in the PM an intergrated preschool.  It seems ideal. They want me to help forge a new program, which I sorta did in Alexandria. My class was the district model for the new ABA program and I piloted the reading program as well.

So tomorrow is an adventure. Throw in a possible showing of NEW MOON (go TEAM JACOB) and cleaning the house before my husband comes home and I have a full day. Yet a day NOT at work. So that is  always a good thing. I just hope the DOE is nothing like the RMV...I better bring a book. And possible tainted Kool-Aide.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Three Mikes, a Kat and a Bike

This weekend was a FANTASTIC weekend. Mike and Kat (college friends of Mike) came to stay for the weekend, along with Mike S (aka Macgyver). It really was nice! I cooked dinner, my first try at stuffed shells, that came out pretty well- thank you Mom! We ate and drank (I had my 1/2 beer and a glass of Moscati D'asti) and just chilled.

Sunday we had breakfast at Papa-Razzi- the brunch is great and I highly recommend the Tuscan Benedict (eggs on crostini and a tomato in a parmesan cheese hollandaise sauce) and roasted potatoes. Then Mike took Kat for a ride on the Harely. I think she was won over and her husband Mike couldn't be happier about that!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Sesame Street!

Sesame Street has hit the big FOUR O. Yup Big Bird, Bert and Ernie and the gang that was PRE-ELMO is 40 years old.

Anyone who knows me knows that I love Sesame Street. And Mr. Rodgers, but he is a whole other topic of wonderfulness. Having a bad day at work? Feeling sad, blue or frustrated? Turn on PBS or You Tube and Sunny Days are here and you are On Your Way to Sesame Street. There, things can be sad, but you always know why and know that things will get better. You can be a happy and learn to be a good friend. On that magical street I learned Spanish thanks to Maria and Luis, and that was the only Spanish that stuck because I barely passed it in school... I learned sign laguage thanks to Linda. I learned that our friends could be hispanic, black, white, feathered, or use a honking nose to talk. Sesame Street had a profound affect on my life. Sesame Street, Mr. Rodgers and my parents are the three things that shaped my life and made me the person I am today.

I know in this day and age there are parents who frown on TV and I can get that. I myself, hate watching then news. Too much violence, too much sadness. But Sesame Street is an exception. It IS the place where you can come and play and everything is A OK! While there have been changes: Elmo who I do love as much as Ernie, Maria and Luis' daughter is an adult now (I SO remember them getting married on TV), Mr. Hooper is gone (Big Bird and I had trouble with the first exposure to death) and yes some of the voices sound funny. Big Bird now sounds too high, too young. Ernie, Bert, Cookie and Kermit sound like they have colds, Oscar seems just too damn happy to be a grouch and the theme song has changed from this folkey, children's song to a hip-hop version that makes my skin crawl. But underneath of it all IS the Sesame Street that I remeber; the ladybug picnic, the pinball counting, the crocodile and his seven sons, Bert and Ernie singing about pigeons, bottlecaps, living on the moon and taking a bubble bath, seeing how crayons were made, when everyone thought that Big Bird had schizophrenia and thought Snuffy was imaginary, when Super Grover ruled the roost and, "munuh ma nuh doot do di doo",  "La la la la la" were lyrics in songs. Sesame Street just comes across differently now, to reach a new generation of pre-schoolers that can already log on post to Facebook, but they underlying theme is clear, be a good friend. Be a good neighbor and that we are all different. And that is more than ok. It was with a sense of pride that I would show my students, at the end of each day, 10 minutes of Sesame Street (circa 1979-1985). Many times kids that wouldn't speak to me, would whisper "la la lala" and thoes with echolalia would imitate Grover and Madeline Khan in "Be My Echo" in a very appropriate way. At the end of the day, just remeber that no matter how old or young you are, you can always find your way to Sesame Street.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Bailey, Byl and Boston

Three nice things about this weekend. Bailey dressed up as a squirrel. Byl coming to visit Mike and I. Boston and lunch at a trattoria in the North End.

Bailey is the best dog. She allowed me to dress her up (even though I hate Halloween) as a squirrel. She even tolerated the mask part for about 2.5 seconds. She sat fantastically as if she knew..."If I let Sara take my photos she will take this ridiculous costume off of me." More than once she look at Mike as if to say "Save Me! Good God man!" Here she is in all her cuteness.

After dressing her up in the morning we went to Logan  Airport and picked up our friend Byl. I had been looking forward to his visit for over a month! We drove around Boston, giving him a tour and then settled down by the Harbor, on the North End. We walked around what I call, Little Italy (North End), and Byl observed that the streets are so narrow and the buildings old, with flowers and laundry hanging, that it DOES remind one of Italy.... We ate a trattoria, and I had a fantastic mushroom/truffle sauce concoction. We then headed home, humiliated Bailey once more with dressing her up to show Byl, we vegged out and then tried candlepin bowling.
I thought bowling was hard. This was insane. 10 tiny ass pins the size of well pillar candles and a ball the size of a bocce ball. No holes or grooves and you just chuck it down the alley. Or at least I did. First round I beat Mike the next round Mike won. We ended with dinner at Scupper Jacks and vegged out watching "My Life in Ruins" (highly highly recommend) and "Fast and Furious" (not an Oscar winner but full of eye candy). Today, Byl the guy he is, helped us TRY to find a desk. No such luck so the two month quest of findng a desk continues. All in all a fantastic weekend!

 candlepin bowling      "My Life in Ruins"