Sunday, March 24, 2013


I have been busy at getting myself out there.

I entered a few gallery competitions. We will see. These are some huge ones so not that hopeful. But all of the applications said: "Website name:_____".

So I built myself a website. Other People's Pixels is a great site, and I have to thank my friend Morgan who introduced them to me years ago. For 160$ you get your own domain name and with EASE can make your own site. The ONLY drawback is that you cannot upload your own background, which you can you do here on blogger.  I have made my jewelry site with them and when I did photography trying to be a pro had my site with them as well. BTW the jewelry site is updated with my most recent work and its linked to the etsy shop.

This time picking a name was hard. Puzzle Piece Studios was taken, although I searched and even Go Daddy said it was free I couldn't use it. Puzzle Piece Photos was also taken and I had used that before and yes other sites said it was free. So I decided on PhotographybySa.   "Sa" is my childhood nickname and my artist's signature as wel.. For a few years in high school it was SAM my initials but in college I changed it to Sa. I also thought that IF I ever do enter the world of having a pro studio, I can keep Photography By Sa as my artist site.

The site is not done but its looking good. Please let me know what you think!

Puzzle Piece Jewelry

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Wish me luck...

I just submitted some of my work that I did this past summer to the 2013 Chelsea International Fine Art Competition. This is an extremely difficult competition. But I think that this year I may have a chance. So, please wish me luck :)

I am heading out for a lovely suburban day with my husband and a late lunch with friends. Yes, this Suburban Artist is very happy.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Inspiration and a Migraine

Chatting with my brother today, I was inspired to do 2 things.

1. Loose the obscene weight I have gained post cancer recovery. Basically I gained like 15 pound while on chemo, all the while nauseous and not eating, and when I could eat I was like "F it, I am eating whatever I want".  I then gained about 5-10 more pounds. Now resemble a circle. Or a beached whale.

2. Blog more often. So I really want to, and I really want to talk about my Christmas gift, but can't What to blog about? Hmm. Art? I mean this IS supposed to be my art blog. I will make a concerted effort to be more of an artist. Am currently pondering "re-opening" my photo studio project.

WHAT studio you may ask?
Well. When I lived in Virginia I actually started shooting events. And I GOT PAID. I did three weddings. A few children sessions as well. If I could re-do any of them it would be the one I did for a friend and her baby. Would have done a much better job today. But that was 4 years ago already.

I digress.

I did 2 weddings with Mike, as I was A) nervous and B) the 2nd one was for friends of ours and we both wanted to do it. The 3rd wedding was great but again, would have been much better at it now.  I didn't resume it when we moved to Massachusetts because the idea of getting a new job, making new friends and not know the area seemed extremely overwhelming. And then time moved on. And then as I got back into my art I got sick. So...

So today, I have been battling a migraine (I lost) and now, in the migraine after affects of feeling like a limp rag and the brightness on my laptop screen dulled to near blackness, I am just pondering.

About life. About art. About everything and maybe I shouldn't and just, as Mike says, to relax. I def don't want the migraine to return.

So, thank you PJ for chatting this morning and motivating me to loose weight as to not be the husky sibling and to blog more often.