Friday, April 13, 2012

Another gallery and news...

During the month of February I was proud to be part of a juried show at Seven Gallery in Maynard, MA. It was an exhibition of all media types featuring the night. My "Red Pipes" photo was in the show and it was the first gallery reception that I have been able to attend! It was a lot of fun!

My jewelry making and photography, for now, is being put on hold due to my battle with Ovarian Cancer. So far, I am winning! It was stage 1-c and after the fertility saving surgery, they found no more cancer! I just got my port placed and will begin chemo in a few weeks.

I have learned alot during this time, more medical information that I ever thought I would need to know.

I know having a 1-c cancer is a GOOD thing. But its still cancer, and will have chemo and will loose my hair. I think the most frustrating thing is that when people hear its level 1, it means its NOT cancer, NOT a big deal, NOT real. But it is.

But I WILL finish this battle and win. Then more art.