Saturday, June 26, 2010

Lots of Things Happened Some Small, Others Not So Much

So just some updates, I see I have been neglectful on my postings. So some small things that have been going on:

Small Thing #1: I changed my blog background and blog address.

Small Thing #2: I fell off the wagon and gained the weight back, after thanking Michael Thurmond. See what getting cocky gets ya? But I am climbing back on that horse. My western metaphors are finished. 

Small Thing #3:Having the "town forest" a hop, jump and skip away means you can here the concert music, enjoy the concert music and stay at home. 

Small Thing #4: Rediscovered Bailey is terrified of fireworks. I had forgotten.

Small Thing #5: I can view said fireworks from my apartment deck. But that did not happen as I had a spastic lab/coyote mix having a meltdown. Howling and crying ensued. Thankfully the loud fireworks masked her barking for the neighbors. 

On to the big things:

Big Thing #1: Mike got me a china cabinet for my birthday/anniversary that I love. Below you can see it and see Sandy making a delicious pesto pasta salad.

Big Thing #2: Mike got me a MacBook Pro! I am in love with it.

Big Thing #3: I got said laptop because I am now jobless. Yes jobless, see next big thing.

Big Thing #4: Do not trust administration when the say, and I quote, "Sara you have nothing to worry about. The pink slip is just a formality you will get a contract in June. Besides no one would want your job" If you do trust admin, and this is said to you, I now know that you need to look for a job ASAP. I was told 2 days before school ended and it was assumed by the entire pre-school team (I was on the schedule and class list for next year) that I was coming back. Yeah that was a MAJOR thing.

Big Thing#5: I have the best husband in the world. He has been great and supportive and just the best.

Big Thing#6: I am going to try my hand at being an artist for a while. Not giving up on my career as a teacher per say, just trying to get the photography thing up and running again. When we left Alexandria in 2009 I actually turned down 3 weddings! I had a lot of great feedback recently from my current students' parents with their end of year photographs. That has motivated me to get back into it. I am also taking a class through the New England School of Photography, night photography.  Also, I have had some success with my jewelry (Thank you Jan) on and even had a custom order!

So all in all, after a long blog post, lots of small and big things have happened. Along the way some nice surprises: I sold 3 pieces of jewelry at my first craft fair that got rained out after three hours (1 piece per hour is not bad at all for first time). My brother got a new job and is moving to Prague. Which is super cool... Got a surprise visit from Neil and Cari and am looking forward to a visit from Byl in July. Ezra and Sandy came over from Germany and we "hosted" "Ezra's" party.  No joke; some dude showed up, did not know who I was when I let him and and he said to me "I am here for Ezra's party". Still we had fun.  We also went back to Virginia for Rolling Thunder. And we went home to Jersey for Father's Day weekend. Mike and Dad rebuilt part of the deck. See photos below to catch up on the last few months.

                                          Byl lost his keys to his bike. So Mike drove him back 
                                          to his house get his spare set of keys.

                                          I did face painting for work's End of Year Celebration.
                                         Two days later, I was told the budget did not past. 
                                         Last to hire, first to fire. That said, I take comfort in 
                                         the fact it was not personal, nor a reflection on my teaching.

Mike and I @ "Ezra's" party.

My table @Board-a-palooza Craft Fair

Mike and Dad working on the deck.