Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Pendants!

So I have been, in my spare time, been working diligently on creating my pendants.
I will post some pics, but I am quite pleased. I have not yet mastered getting rid of every single air bubble for the wood/resin pendants and am doing ok with removing the air bubbles from the glass... it IS harder than it looks!

I have purchased an embossing heat gun that is supposed to rid me of the air bubbles for the resin pendants. Hopefully I do not scorch the resin, as I did with the matches (no worries they are not for sale and in the trash).  For the glass you are just supposedly able to PUSH out the far I still have at least 1-2 stubborn bubbles that linger behind. OH well, practice makes perfect. I have been using machine cut glass tiles but there is a thin line that outlines the top of the pendant. I am splurge and purchase Annie Howe's hand cut glass. Its more pricey but much nicer to look at!

I am also using BOARDMAKER software to create some of my pendants. This software is used to make picture symbols for tech devices and for the Picture Communication Exchange Communication System (PECS). These PECS are used throughout the country by teachers, speech therapists and families with Autism. One reason why I chose these, is that from an artist's point of view, they are begging to be made into art! They are simple graphics that are universal. The second reason is because many times I have heard (as a teacher), you don't see people using PECS out in the real world. Well, now PECS can be worn, seen in the real world and communicate ideas or thoughts at the same time! Hopefully this is going to take off like I hope it will!

Take a look at some of my work...and let me know what you think!
Traditional Autism Awareness Ribbon
Glass Tile Pendant

Boardmaker Autism Ribbon Symbol
Wood Tile Pendant

Autism Awareness Pendant
Custom Graphic by ME :)
Wood Pendant
I Love My Daughter With Autism: Left Glass Pendant
Right Wood Pendant. Both graphics by me:)

Boardmaker Autism Ribbon and
"mother" symbol

Who Doesn't Like Ice Cream?
Boardmaker Symbol

Custom design by me:)
Glass Pendant